Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cream puffs galore!

Guschlbauer is little pastry shop that I've been meaning to check out since it's opening not too long ago. They specialize in cheese buns and cream puffs, but are expanding to include loaves and croissants. Though the shops originated in Austria, they really took off in the Asian market.  Now they're here!

I went to Guschlbauer specifically for their Matcha cream puff, but ended up taking each one of their cream puffs. They all looked so delicious! The delights offered include: plain, lychee, Matcha, and chocolate.

Group galore!

All of them were soft and creamy with the mildly sweet cheese just oozing out of the soft bread. The plain tasted like vanilla to me, while the chocolate wasn't too bad, but I would've liked it to be chocolatier. They lychee was lovely and floral. The only issue I had was that it contained pieces of the lychee mixed into the cream cheese. Perhaps pureeing and creaming it would've given it a smoother texture?

Lovely lychee!

The Matcha cream puff tasted light with just a hint of bitterness at the end. My faves were the Matcha and the lychee cream puffs.

Magnificent Matcha!

Guschlbauer makes a great addition to the pastry market in my fair city. I will definitely be swinging by again to try the colourful cheese buns they have and of course, grab some more cream puffs.

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