Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Give peace a chance!

Whilst out doing my weekly grocery shopping, I came across iced-tea beverages of a brand I had not heard of. The brand is called Peace Tea and it’s by The Coca-Cola Company. I really liked the graphic designs on the cans, and the price wasn’t bad, so I picked up a few. 

All we are saying...

Peace Tea doesn’t contain a long list of sugary items. It’s actually made up of natural flavours and actual tea. Nice!

I purchased 3 different flavours that were available at my grocery store: Green Tea, Lemon, and Raspberry. I tried each one of them and compared them to each other in terms of colour and taste. The colour of the liquors were slightly different from each other. The most evident was the Green Tea, which was much paler in colour. give peace a chance!

All 3 were sweet but not super sugary like some other iced-tea brands on the market. The Lemon and the Raspberry had a slight tangy taste. Each one had hints of their respective flavours. I really liked the Green Tea and the Raspberry flavoured drinks. All 3 of the drinks tasted clean and refreshing. They were great. 

Taking a chance here!

I normally make my own iced-tea, but these drinks I would definitely go for again. I will have to try the other flavours I didn’t get to purchase. The price for this 695 mL can also made for a good buy. Peace out!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

My Cuppa: Tea Time With Tao!

At this past Toronto Tea Festival, I gave my time to volunteer as an Exhibitor Support. For our time spent working at the event, all volunteers were given a gift of a couple of tea samples of our choosing. One of the samples I selected is called Tangerine Ginger by Tao Tea Leaf. Today, I’m sipping and reviewing this tisane!

This Tangerine Ginger tisane is a blend of many elements including: ginger, hibiscus, licorice root, rose hips, and various organic fruits. It can enjoyed hot or cold, and is one of Tao’s top sellers. 

In its dry format!

I prepared my tisane as instructed by steeping the fragrant dry leaves for about 5 minutes in water brought to a full boil. The gorgeous red liquor produced had a spicy aroma of ginger and fruit much like the dry leaves. 

Poured to perfection!

The taste wasn’t bad at all. Not my usual cuppa, but I did like the tangy and the spicy notes of the ginger at the end of each sip. Again, not something I would normally go for, and perhaps that’s why I might have chosen this sample. 

In the red!

Though I did enjoy Tangerine Ginger, I’m thinking I might like it even more so over ice. Maybe even mixed with some alcohol such as vodka? Hmmm…

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tea Readings: A cup of tea is all I need!

Cup Of Tea

The waitress asks what will it be
And I respond with quite ease
No dish or side this time for me
But a cup of tea if you would please 

Though graciously she does agree
That half past two is time for tea
She soon returns with what I need
A cup of tea if you would please 

A purple pot she sets by me
With spoon to stir the boiling tea
I calmly raise my cup to thee 
To a cup of tea if you would please 

As wisps of steam drift up with ease
The rolling in my tum decrees 
This chai delight empowers me
A cup of tea if you would please 

No sugar will I ever need 
To taste the apple and the seed
The spice of life which sets me free
Just a cup of tea if you would please 

Now comes my check it's time to leave 
And the bottom of my cup I see
One final sip to go with me
A cup of tea if you would please 

SS (Seanathon, April 2016)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Fest is the Best!

Well, another year of the Toronto Tea Festival has come and gone, and I had a blast. I volunteered once again as an Exhibitor Support, taking care of the needs of our vendors. My duties were the same as before where I was called upon to fetch water and provide directions. Nothing too difficult, but I enjoy this role because it gives me the opportunity to engage with the vendors and see their tea offerings. 

This year, there was a VIP night which I may consider signing up for next year if it’s running in addition to reprising my regular role. It’s a fun, simple gig that allows me to see old friends and check out the new companies and their products. What’s not to like?

Here are some images I captured after completing my shift. Sipping samples where I can!

My bag of goodies!

All about the tea!

Sippin' some samples!

Japanese Tea Ceremony!