Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Give peace a chance!

Whilst out doing my weekly grocery shopping, I came across iced-tea beverages of a brand I had not heard of. The brand is called Peace Tea and it’s by The Coca-Cola Company. I really liked the graphic designs on the cans, and the price wasn’t bad, so I picked up a few. 

All we are saying...

Peace Tea doesn’t contain a long list of sugary items. It’s actually made up of natural flavours and actual tea. Nice!

I purchased 3 different flavours that were available at my grocery store: Green Tea, Lemon, and Raspberry. I tried each one of them and compared them to each other in terms of colour and taste. The colour of the liquors were slightly different from each other. The most evident was the Green Tea, which was much paler in colour. give peace a chance!

All 3 were sweet but not super sugary like some other iced-tea brands on the market. The Lemon and the Raspberry had a slight tangy taste. Each one had hints of their respective flavours. I really liked the Green Tea and the Raspberry flavoured drinks. All 3 of the drinks tasted clean and refreshing. They were great. 

Taking a chance here!

I normally make my own iced-tea, but these drinks I would definitely go for again. I will have to try the other flavours I didn’t get to purchase. The price for this 695 mL can also made for a good buy. Peace out!

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