Sunday, February 25, 2018

My Cuppa: Tea Time With Tao!

At this past Toronto Tea Festival, I gave my time to volunteer as an Exhibitor Support. For our time spent working at the event, all volunteers were given a gift of a couple of tea samples of our choosing. One of the samples I selected is called Tangerine Ginger by Tao Tea Leaf. Today, I’m sipping and reviewing this tisane!

This Tangerine Ginger tisane is a blend of many elements including: ginger, hibiscus, licorice root, rose hips, and various organic fruits. It can enjoyed hot or cold, and is one of Tao’s top sellers. 

In its dry format!

I prepared my tisane as instructed by steeping the fragrant dry leaves for about 5 minutes in water brought to a full boil. The gorgeous red liquor produced had a spicy aroma of ginger and fruit much like the dry leaves. 

Poured to perfection!

The taste wasn’t bad at all. Not my usual cuppa, but I did like the tangy and the spicy notes of the ginger at the end of each sip. Again, not something I would normally go for, and perhaps that’s why I might have chosen this sample. 

In the red!

Though I did enjoy Tangerine Ginger, I’m thinking I might like it even more so over ice. Maybe even mixed with some alcohol such as vodka? Hmmm…

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