Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Fest is the Best!

Well, another year of the Toronto Tea Festival has come and gone, and I had a blast. I volunteered once again as an Exhibitor Support, taking care of the needs of our vendors. My duties were the same as before where I was called upon to fetch water and provide directions. Nothing too difficult, but I enjoy this role because it gives me the opportunity to engage with the vendors and see their tea offerings. 

This year, there was a VIP night which I may consider signing up for next year if it’s running in addition to reprising my regular role. It’s a fun, simple gig that allows me to see old friends and check out the new companies and their products. What’s not to like?

Here are some images I captured after completing my shift. Sipping samples where I can!

My bag of goodies!

All about the tea!

Sippin' some samples!

Japanese Tea Ceremony!

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