Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My Cuppa: The way of Chaiwala!

One of my favourite tea companies is a local company called Chaiwala Chai. They specialize in masala chai or spicy tea. I’ve sampled their yummy teas ever since they began hawking their products at the Toronto Tea Festival. This time around, I decided to make a purchase so that I can enjoy their tasty teas at home. I bought a package of their classic Masala Chai. 

The goods!

Masala Chai comes mixed with all the popular spices that go into making the ultimate spiced tea along with a few other ingredients. These include: cloves, star anise, black peppercorn, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, dried orange peel, raw and dried ginger, organic honey, and bay leaf. This particular blend also includes a Ceylon Tea as their choice for tea rather than, say, an Assam

Chaiwala Chai recommends using soy milk to prepare a cuppa, but, I’ve decided to use a cashew and almond milk blend. Any milk or milk substitute will do, however.

To make a cuppa is pretty easy. Just combine 8 g of the masala mix to 1 cup of milk and heat in a small pot on medium heat, under a boil. I whisked the contents until the mixture was heated. Then, I just strained the tea into a mug for drinking. 

Lovin' spoonful!

The tea itself is not as dark as other masala chai I’ve had. Even a spicy blend I made in the past is much darker in colour as there is a greater quantity of tea. This tea is more milk based with the flavours of a spiced tea. Nothing wrong with that, it’s still good. Plus, there are gazillions of ways to make a masala chai. Factors contributing the taste, colour, and aroma of each masala chai may range from what spices, tea, and milk were used and how much.

I love this Masala Chai blend by Chaiwala Chai. It is milkier, but it’s got a wonderful aroma, and the taste is just as exotic as any other masala chai. I have tried their Rooibos Chai blend as well. It’s something I’ll have to purchase next time!

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