Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tea Readings: A typical day of tea!

A Nice Cup Of Tea

First thing in the morning
just as daylight is dawning
what starts me off you see
is an English Breakfast Tea 

Then when I commute by train
and the crowds do drive you insane
I try to stay very calm 
with a cup of Assam

Then when I get to the office 
with inbox filled to the brim
I think bugger it all
and have a cup of Darjeeling

Then by midday
to keep my woes away
I have a sneaky cup
of my favorite Earl Grey

Then when work is done
and I want some fun
to heaven I go
with a cup of Ceylon 

~ Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris, Nov 2014

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tea Readings: The tea that I adore!


Remove the cold, clean refrigerator water
Poured into your mind to become a bit hotter.
Poison-less, diamond-faceted twinkling glitter
Internal pulse pounds, skitter and flitter.

Your propane personality flickers, 
Internal heat hushed, the teapot snickers,
But now higher, higher grows your fire
Melting into you is all I desire.

Louder, louder screams the steam
Announcing inner worth below the outer gleam.
The superheated shouts squeaked out your teeth
Can't compare to the bubbling beauty buried beneath.

Trickle, pour, add some more
You're the tea that I adore.
Sometimes bitter, though discretely sweet
Just a little time and it's complete.

Closed eyed sips make my stomach glow
Melting my inner, internal snow.
And through and through, every batch I brew
I can't help falling a little more in love with you.

~ KM, February 2013

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Steeping Beauty: Kiss me you fool!

Recently, whilst out browsing in a health food store, I came across a lip balm using green tea as an ingredient. Hurraw! Balm uses “premium organic, vegan, and raw ingredients”, in their products. A bit pricey, for obvious reasons, but I decided to splurge and bought the lip balm. I always wear a lip balm to keep my lips soft at all times. I even wear it to bed.

The Hurraw! Green Tea Lip Balm uses ceremonial grade Matcha green tea and a host of various oils. It also contains Cannabis sativa. Hmmm… 

Hip, hip, hooray!

It doesn’t taste or smell like Matcha at all. It has a fruity, floral scent and even tastes floral, kind of like Jasmine as described on the company website. I really like this product! The application was smooth and left my lips feeling soft, and plump. I find many other lips balms I’ve tried go on a bit stiff. You really need to go over the lips a few times to encourage a smooth feeling. Not so with Hurraw! Balm. Just once over the lips went on with ease. I think I may have found my go to lip saver!

Check out the Hurraw! Balm website for other flavours. I already have my eyes set on coconut, Earl Grey, chai spice, root beer, and the Ayurvedic lip balms for future use!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Time for a break!

Time for a Kit Kat break! April was not the greatest month for me. Weather’s gone through so many changes which I think took a toll on my health. I’ve been mostly down and out, battling a cold, and just feeling completely exhausted. I wasn’t feeling very creative either, which is the reason why I haven’t posted any articles last month. I’m feeling much now, though. More energized, and the weather is looking up too. So, it’s time sip to and write again!

Speaking of Kit Kat. It’s one of my favourite chocolate bars. I love breaking them apart, enjoying each wafer stick one by one until it’s all gone in a flash! Did you know that Kit Kat makes a few different flavours of their bars? Yes, they do! In fact, a few years ago, I was offered a Matcha flavoured Kit Kat. I searched and searched for this flavoured Kit Kat, but with no luck. Quite by accident, I came across it just recently, and quickly snatched a few for myself. 

Matcha?  No way!

The Matcha Kit Kat uses a green tea powder as an ingredient, and comes in a light green shade colour, much like the colour of green tea ice-cream you get in sushi restaurants. It even tastes like said green tea ice-cream. It’s sweet, crunchy, and very easy to consume! My breaks didn’t last very long! 

All for me!

Had me at just one bite!

I really like the Matcha Kit Kat, but I just like Kit Kat in general. I’m not sure if everyone will like it. Like many other tea inspired items, it is an acquired taste. That’s okay for me though, means more breaks to be had!